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Excerpted from Chapter 6 of the book Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save The Planet

Now, when I talk about a resistance, I am talking about an organized political resistance. I’m not just talking about something that comes and something that goes. I’m not talking about a feeling. I’m not talking about having in your heart the way things should be and going through a regular day having good, decent, wonderful ideas in your heart. I’m talking about when you put your body and your mind on the line and commit yourself to years of struggle in order to change the society in which you live. This does not mean just changing the men whom you know so that their manners will get better–although that wouldn’t be bad either… But that’s not what a political resistance is. A political resistance goes on day and night, under cover and over ground, where people can see it and where people can’t. It is passed from generation to generation. It is taught. It is encouraged. It is celebrated. It is smart. It is savvy. It is committed. And someday it will win. It will win.

—Andrea Dworkin


EUMENA is a name made up of the initials of the area that this chapter of DGR covers:
Europe, Middle East, North Africa

Deep Green Resistance EUMENA London Meeting December 2013

On December 14th and 15th 2013, eight DGR members from across Europe met for the first DGR EUMENA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa) gathering. This group agreed to form the DGR EUMENA regional group.

DGR members were present from DGR Slovenia, DGR Canary Islands and DGR UK.

DGR EUMENA will now start work on growing DGR in the EUMENA region and facilitate the creation of national chapters in other EUMENA countries.

If you would like more information please contact: eumena (at) deepgreenresistance (dot) org

EUMENA Members

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Deep Green Resistance UK
Deep Green Resistance Slovenija
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